Our strength is multi-disciplinary approaches in business, science, art & design with multi-national professional experience over a decade.


director | design researcher | co-founder

Kurihara is director and design researcher based in Tokyo, Japan. He joined Sony in 2003 and worked extensively as Customer Research Specialist for eight years in Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China. One of his notable achievements is foundation of Customer Insight Research Team and initiating Data-Driven Marketing on product marketing and strategies in Sony. He conducted numerous research projects on customers’ lifestyle insights and consumer electronics such as digital cameras, audio players, and PC. He is a passionate collaborator with his teams and beyond.  His expertise consist in value-added analysis and deep understandings of quantitative and qualitative research methods.
The experiences of analysing markets within different cultural contexts compelled him to leave Sony to specialise documentary photography to capture people’s lifestyles. During his MA at University of the Arts London, he explored Design Research methodologies and engaged in Ceylon Coffee revival project in Sri Lanka in 2013. He also has a Master Degree in social research and statistical analysis within social science from Keio University (Japan). He loves football, consumer electronics products, comedy, and cats. [Photo: Chienyi Wu]


creative director | photographer | co-founder

Kito is a creative director and photographer based mainly in Japan, India, and the U.K. After reading English Literature at Waseda University, Japan, she practised photography and graphic design at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music and achieved her MA in photography at London College of Communication in 2011. She works extensively in fields of photography including exhibitions, commission projects, visual and contextual research projects, and fieldwork in diverse backgrounds. Teaching as a Visiting Faculty at National Institute of Design India, she has been working for her new project, Emonogatari, which focuses on people’s stories and memories from WWII. She also teaches, writes & curates. She has a passion for books and newspapers, bicycles, typography, and tea. [Photo: Mohit Bhatia]

Shiho Kito Photography


management & strategic consultant | system coach

After studying at Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University (Japan), Watanabe joined Sony in 2003. While working in Marketing Division for seven years in Tokyo and London, he was responsible for Global Marketing. He later joined The Boston Consulting Group as a Management Consultant and led global projects and fostered trust and close relationships with international clients from different industries as diverse as manufacture, public service, and finance for four years. He became an independent consultant in 2014. He has been very much interested in keeping and developing physical and psychological balance through work, meditation, yoga and physical workouts.


pear LLC.


Design Research, Collaborative Ideation and Marketing.


  • Service Design Research and Ideation for the oldest and one of the leading department stores in Tokyo.
  • Ethnographic Research and Ideation for Home Energy Management System with Japanese electric appliance manufacture.
  • Design Research and Ideation to visualise ideologies of beauty and cosmetics in future.
  • Ethnographic Research and Consulting for human resource strategy at a food and catering company.
  • UX Research and Marketing for Artificial Intelligence and Development of iOS App.
  • Design Research, Marketing and Public Relation Design for a luxury cafe in Sri Lanka.


  • Loftwork Inc.
  • Japan Fair Trade Corporation (pvt) ltd.

are among them.


Shintaro Kurihara


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